The Film Industry: How does it work?

From far away, the film industry looks gorgeous and glamorous as the celebrities and directors walk down the red carpets at the film festivals. Plus, their extravagant holidays and lavish mansions are just eye-catching. While the film industry easily makes a lot of money, the making of a movie is much more complicated. All movies, even the ones starring the greatest names, are a risky investment. With the public being indecisive and having apart likings, and the industry being always unstable, it is hard to be sure if a movie is going to be blockbusters while it is being shot.


The Budget

Normally, the major studios do not publicise the overall budget of their films. This is mainly because making and marketing a movie costs much more than it seems when the production, development and advertising is counted. For example, the recorded budget for “The Avengers” is at $220 million, but it climbs much higher with the advertising and marketing costs.

For many films, the Print and Advertising costs only are sky-high. Some movies have a bigger budget for advertising than the production itself. This is because film makers have to attract watchers to the theaters, as movies do not have a built-in audience. Fantasy movies or romantic ones need to be promoted via commercials, subway ads and bill boards, and these costs quickly adds up. For a movie which costs around $40 to $75 million, the marketing budget is estimated to be around $20 million.

Ticket Prices

Nowadays, cinema attendance has been falling drastically which makes it even harder for studios and distributors to make profit. As a matter of fact, a share of the ticket sales goes to the cinema owners while the remaining is divided between studios and distributors as per their agreements. Studios and distributors normally gain the bigger share of local revenue than overseas sales, as per their deals. The main reason why sci-fi and action movies are in vogue in today’s world is because it can much easily be translated and played around the world, rather than comedies.

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Foreign Sales

It is crucial for producers to sell their distribution rights in foreign countries to be able to gain profit, and hopefully cover their production budget. This is mainly done by independent filmmakers who have good foreign sales agents. However, it is important for film distributors to choose their foreign markets wisely. For instance, they do analyse the public preference in terms of actors before investing in that area.

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