Social media analytics tools – What are they and why do you need them?

Tracking social media analytics and reporting previously used to be a tough hurdle for the online marketers and now the problem lies in finding and using the right tool. The current social media market is filled with such different platforms, ranging in effectiveness, niche and user experience. After the recent shutdown of Topsy, an increasingly large number of social media managers are searching for such an alternative. For those who are new into this, it is vital for you to define social media and analytics so that they know what it is and how they should track. Read on to know more on it.


Social media analytics – Is it a noun or a verb?

Yes, this is what social media experts will tell you. Instead of reading this as a noun, it is better to think it as a verb because it specifically deals with gathering data from various platforms to direct your marketing strategy accordingly. The process involved here starts by prioritizing all your goals and here too your focus may be on multiplying the total number of visitors to your website. Then comes analyzing all the key performing indicators or the KPIs which include the shares and likes that your social media posts receive, the comments and replies and the clicks earned by your content and link team.

A detailed analysis of the social media analytics tools

Now that you know what social media analytics is, you should know about the tools that can ease off your tracking process. What are the tools? Have a look.

  • Keyhole: If you wish to measure the impact of a trend or a brand on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you should use the social media analytics tool Keyhole. As you get access to shareable dashboard, it can track keyword, campaigning and it also tracks hashtag. They may include impressions and some periods of high activity. You can utilize such data to lead your competitor to outperform your efforts. In order to boost your engagement, recognize some vital accounts in your niche and share content which is most popular. To know more, you may click on Sotrender.
  • Brandwatch: This tool offers you even a wider array of tools that you can use across multiple social media platforms. For a research suite, Brandwatch is perhaps the best choice. You get information on the markets you wish to enter, which you own and demographic data on population and gender. This analytics tool also filters spam and other duplicate things.
  • Crowdbooster: If you wish to have a quick or simple Facebook or Twitter tool, there are many marketers who choose this analytics tool. Through the dashboard which can be personalized, you will have access to real-time data which exports to Excel. You’ll also get recommendations about when you should post, which person to engage and how to enhance your efforts of interaction.

So, are you looking forward to some tips to measure the effects of social media campaign? If answered yes, you can take into account the above mentioned social media analytics tools listed above.

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