Simple Ways to Increase Likes or Fans on Facebook

increase-facebooklikesWhen we start a Facebook page is hard to get clicks on “Like”. But there are 5 simple ways to increase or fans like me, no matter if you are starting or already have time with your Facebook page.

Send an email to your contacts

If you already have a mailing list or database then use it to promote your Facebook page. Send an email inviting people to click on “Like” but the key is not to send an email saying “We are on Facebook follow us” but involve.

A good example involves people who may be the next “We just created a Facebook page, click on I like and tell us what you think.” When you involve you more likely to increase like. You may take the service of social media marketing company. Check Buy Facebook Likes Reviews to find the best social media marketing service.

Facebook has some plugins, pieces of code, you can easily copy and paste into your website. These plugins are the Like button, a window of activity on your Facebook page, comment section and many other very good profits for your page.

Add an address in your ad

Lately we see that in the flyers, magazines, television and other traditional media the famous “us on Facebook”. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to simply add this because you make it difficult for people to follow you because they have to go to Facebook and look for you.

When people search for you on Facebook regularly encounter other pages and profiles before yours. In conclusion requires many clicks by people and this makes you not found and therefore not give me click like.

The best way to share with others your Facebook page is to add your custom url. This is an example:

In this way people already have the exact address of your website and can be directed to it quickly. It’s much easier and you have more chances to increase or fans like on your Facebook page.

To get your custom url visit the site Once inside you can choose the page you want to customize. Just a small detail, your Facebook page must have at least 25 fans or like to have your custom url.

In your business card

In your new business cards promote your facebook page. The vast majority of people who have the product not added to the card. But remember not only add a Facebook icon and legend “us on Facebook” but also add custom url (as we saw in the previous section).

Include in your email signature

Promote your website in the signature of your email. If you use Outlook you can add to a Facebook icon and make a link to your Facebook page.

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