Reasons to Consider Online Learning Platforms as an Adult Education Alternative

When it comes to learning as an adult there are a number of life barriers which get in the way. This often leads to the majority of would-be students to give up on the idea of furthering their education before they have even had a chance to think it through.

This is largely because the majority of adults believe that attending a brick-and-mortar learning space is the only way to receive a quality education.

If this sounds like you, below are some benefits to online learning for you to consider.


Quality of Learning

Let’s tackle the most common argument – online learning platforms are cheap and so their courses must be low quality. And while this argument has a fair element of logic to it, in the case of online learning platforms it simply isn’t true.

When a traditional learning space wants to provide a course they need to arrange a teacher, a classroom or learning space, that space needs to be clean, have electricity, be air-conditioned, have tables and chairs, etc. All of these items add up to a large cost and one which the learning space has to pay. And the only way that they receive their ability to pay these costs is through tuition fees.

Online learning platforms, on the other hand, don’t have there overheads and barrier when they want to develop a course. All that is needed is a trained professional to design a course which students can complete online. The sole reason why these courses are affordable is simply that there are minimal overheads.


Range of Subjects

Keeping to the point above, the above limitations also restrict the range of subjects a traditional learning space an offer. Online learning platforms, however, don’t have these restrictions.

This means that if you love nothing more than browsing the Groupon Coupons page for Express and updating your fashion blog, then you can take a short online course in business management along with a course in digital marketing to help turn your fashion blog into a business where you can actually make some money!

Of course, you aren’t limited to the example above. However, if you have a passion or a skill for something, you can bet that there is a range of online courses available to help you turn that passion into a powerful tool.



Adult life generally means working fulltime to pay the bills. This leaves little time to not only get to a learning space, but also sit through the class, and then get home before it’s time to start the next day.

In addition, there are adults who work seasonally and don’t have the option to attend any classes for three months out of the course but are completely free for the remaining three months.

If you identify with one of these adults then online learning can help. Online learning platforms work by providing students with all of the learning tools at the start of the course and providing a final due date for all assignments and exams.

This means that you can study on the train to work, you can study on your lunch break, or you can even undertake no study while you work for three months and then complete everything in the remaining three.

As you can see, online learning platforms can be powerful tools for adults to further their education and do what they can to adjust their working knowledge to fit with the current job trends.

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