Protect Your Business

One of the biggest threats to your business is having your security breached: losing your customers’ data or having your sensitive documents accessed by bad actors not has an immediate cost, but a long term one in the loss of confidence people have in you. There’s also the worry of when the other shoe is going to drop: once that information is out there, ingenious hackers could use it to gain access to other systems months or years down the line. Look at the recent CoinHive exploit for an example. Hackers were able to use log in detail harvested from an attack on fund raising site Kickstarter years later to get access CoinHive’s Cloudflare account and divert profits from CoinHive to themselves.


Here are a few tips to help you keep your business cybersecure and avoid humiliating headlines when your servers are hacked.

Use Different Passwords

CoinHive’s example should show how dangerous it is use the same password across different accounts: hackers only have to access the least secure one of your systems and they have a key they can use on all of them.

This is more important than changing your passwords regularly: current advice suggests that changing your passwords on a set schedule offers no increase in security and may actually offer more opportunities for hackers and bad actors as staff resort to keeping written records of their passwords.

It’s more useful to make sure information from one system can’t be used to log into another one, and change them only when you become aware of a potential secure breach

Store Documents Safely

Your business documents like contracts, and articles of incorporation are full of sensitive information that you shouldn’t allow to fall into the wrong hands.

If you have electronic copies of these documents (increasingly likely in the late 2010s), it’s worth investing the time and money in securing them. If you set up a relationship with an online lawyer like Lawbite legal documents can stored in their secure data servers so you can share them with trusted individuals at no extra risk.

It’s well worth a small extra expense for the peace of mind this can bring you, as well as the extra efficiency it buys your business. When you know you can share documents online without risking your security you can get contracts signed faster, and invoices sent more quickly which should speed up payments for you as well!


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