Importance of Creating Value Added Services

As a service provider, it is fundamental to have an understanding of the importance of value added services. This is an additional benefit that every customer enjoys after purchasing the core service or product. Most service providers separate the clients into categories depending on what they bring to the company. For example banks that have normal banking hall hours will allow specific clients access to the bank after closing hours as long as they alert the management they will be coming at a specific time. Online outlets will offer free shipping to some clients or offer it with purchases of over $50,000. Value added services are common in the telecommunication sector where the provider may offer teleconferencing facilities to their subscribers.

What is the purpose of value added services?

Value added services are given after the sale of the core service or product with no added cost. The sole purpose is to increase the level of satisfaction of the client. Satisfied customers are bound to come back for your services and invite their friends to have the same great experience. In the long run, you increase your customer base and loyal users of your products and services. Online service providers that are experts in digital asset management often provide value added services for their customers. Other than digital asset management, they provide you with SEO services by identifying keywords and phrases related to your business for use in your online content. This is reviewed constantly to stay in line with changing consumer trends. Service providers are easily able to use value added benefits for their consumers at some point in time when the customer has to use the service. Businesses online require software development, SEO, marketing experts and digital asset managers. A software developer may decide to offer SEO as an added value service to improve the website ranking of their customer websites. By doing this, the customer benefits and the service provider benefits from the effects of a satisfied customer.

Added value means increased convenience and loyalty

Most new businesses introduce added value services to increase or acquire new customers as well as retain their existing customers. This has been used by locally based enterprises that are well known for the provision of specific products or services. You only need to call, make your order and they will deliver your order to your doorsteps – adding value to the normal transaction. The same concept is used by online service providers who are prompt to deliver your request. You can pay for most services online such as airline tickets, hotel accommodation and order goods online. Value added services keep customers happy and loyal. The organization and management of all your digital assets online provided by a team of experts, managing downloads to all users and monitoring access and protection of your digital assets at all times. Your investments are safe as all your digital file movements are controlled. Infiltration by spam content and negative content to your company profile on social media and website becomes a thing of the past. All uploaded data to accounts belonging to you is monitored granting access or completely blocking it accordingly.

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