How to Increase Communication Between Co-Workers in the Office

Healthy communication through services like VoIP providers is essential in any business setting. Poor communication can bring uncertainty into the office.

With uncertainty, comes stress and conflict between co-workers, employers and employees, or clients and employees. Companies need to ensure proper communication through takes place in their offices to control and organize resources, and accomplish objectives.
How to Increase Communication Between Co-Workers in the Office (JR-S)
Most companies are hesitant to allow employees to instant message, or use social media in the office. These forms of communication are actually quite beneficial, especially in the business setting, and should be taken advantage of.

The use of instant messaging can either replace or be used alongside email. IM allows a natural conversation for employees to discuss projects without having to play phone tag or constantly leave the desk. Emails can be used to track key points of a project (or for less important things like FYIs that don’t need immediate attention.)

When people think of social media, they often first think of Facebook. Facebook isn’t private and would not be ideal for companies to use in the workplace. The fact of the matter is there are plenty of other secure and private social media sites directed right towards businesses. Sites like these include Yammer, Linkedin, Digg, Twitter (set on private) and Upcoming.

There is more freedom with social media sites than just instant messaging. You can have group conversations, share videos and pictures, create calendars and highlight dates and deadlines and so much more. These sites are perfect for places where employees are scattered around the office and for completing group projects.

Alongside social media, there are other tools to use such as a customer relationship management tools (CRMs), or dedicated project management tools. CRMs record everything. They record every phone call, email contact, meeting, deal made, document and all oral and written conversations.

These allow others to look back to see what was said to a given client, who spoke with them and when to follow up. Some dedicatedHow to Increase Communication Between Co-Workers in the Office project management tools can store data with graphs, record statistics and show charts, while others focus more on collaboration and communication, like Basecamp.

The Seven Cs
Once you have set up some of these other forms of office communication, introduce your co-workers to the seven Cs to ensure accurate and efficient conversations are taking place.

Consideration- Wording that targets your audience, instead of generalization.

Concreteness- Use specific and concrete information.

Completeness- Your message should answer who, what, when, where, why and how. Include all needed information.

Conciseness- Save time by avoiding unnecessary information and repetition.

Clarity- Avoid business jargon, stick with familiar words and shorten sentences.

Courteousness- Respect the reader and avoid “questionable” humor.

Correctness- Use proper punctuation, grammar and spelling alongside accurate facts and figures. This includes double checking your work and including original data sources where applicable and available.

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