How to Achieve a Fine Balance between SEO and Readability?

Conscious Yearning to Stuff Keywords

When you major concern is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s quite obvious that you would probably stuff your targeted keywords as many times as possible within the article, when you are compiling the article. KW stuffing i.e. including targeted keywords several times within the article body is mainly done to get easily picked by the crawlers of different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. In the process, the article may sound unnatural, which might greatly influence the readers to overlook your article, and search for other articles to get their desired information.

Too Few Targeted Keywords in the Web Pages Can be a let-down too!

When you article goes completely off-topic and you neglect or fail to include all your targeted keywords within the article, the search engine crawlers may not come to your website in a quick time, thus greatly delaying the process of website or webpage indexing (whichever applicable). In general, articles are written without stuffing keywords greatly may sound really great to read; however, they won’t aid you in optimizing your content for any of the leading search engines. So, you need to smartly integrate those keywords seamlessly, without hampering the readability aspect.

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