How Blogging Can Increase Your Chances of Finding a Job

If you are currently searching for employment, there may be an alternative that you have yet to consider: blogging. This is especially useful for those who specialise in a particular area. If you are presently without work but have plenty of knowledge and experience in a certain field, you can always start a blog about it. This will showcase your skills and expertise as you jot down advice, anecdotes, and observations on your own personal website. Anyone who comes to read these articles will then get a decent idea of how qualified you are at that particular subject.

Engaging the Reader

When blogging, always stick to topics that are interesting and informative. After all, you will want someone to stick around for the whole article. In this way, you can display your skills and hopefully they will come to you with a job offer as a result. To achieve this, you should write about topics that:

  • are different from anything else out there
  • offer new information or perspectives
  • encourage the reader to think and analyse
  • are humorous or witty in their style

By doing so, you can show your knowledge in a certain area while keeping the public interested in what you have to say. This is a great way to show off what you can do in a certain field. Not only are you listing down information about your strengths but you are also doing it in an engaging manner.


To really attract new employment through your blog, it will help to write about one area in particular. Choose a topic which you are strongest in and then have a go at creating a blog on that. In this way, you will show your future employer that you are consistent in your train of thought. For example, if you choose to write about finding the perfect Serviced Office Birmingham has available to rent, it will be important not to dilute the articles by straying off onto other topics such as finding staff or dealing with bad customers. Instead, you can display your work ethic and skills by focusing on the task at hand.

By specialising, you will appeal to readers who are only interested in your chosen field. This will give you a better chance of attracting the attention of someone who can employ you. For example, let us say that you are writing about SEO. By focusing solely on this topic, you will then gain readers who want to know more. After reading your blog for a while, they may ask you to optimise their website. If you branch out into other areas such as graphic design or social media marketing, you might risk attracting readers who are not interested in your key talent of search engine optimisation.

Sharing and Discussion

Whenever possible, encourage your readers to comment on your articles and share your links on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This will encourage collaboration and expand your chances of having potential employers actually read your content. After all, the more people who are involved with your blog, the better the chances that you can actually gain work. Who knows, someone might even want to employ you to write your blog as a full-time position! If you create engaging and informative articles, this is certainly a possibility. Just remember to be patient; it takes time to build up a fan base. Once this is done, however, you will be able to connect with a wide range of people and hopefully gain a new job after that.


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