Come To Class With A Unique iPhone 7

With last month’s release of the iPhone 7, students all over campus are going to be showing up with the latest Apple tech in their pockets. The 7 is said to be completely water-resistant (a first for iPhones) and tougher than ever when it comes to its screen. Despite these upgrades, that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. Considering the price and technological value of this device, you should do everything in your power to protect the 7 this fall.

In terms of protection, there’s nothing better than a 3M vinyl skin made specifically for the iPhone 7. Since there are a bunch of options to choose from in terms of mobile defence, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 reasons why you should go vinyl for your next protective accessory.

1. Fit

Made to measure protection is a rarity for phones, especially in one so new to the market as the 7. Most manufacturers don’t put value in the micro-fit of their accessories, so long as they attach and are relatively cheap to produce. Unfortunately, their lack of attention to the details means their products may be slightly too large or too small, creating overlapping pieces that may snag or sections of the 7 to go uncovered. The fit of well-made vinyl is unparalleled, coming as close as a micro-millimeter to Apple’s plans. As a result, everything is covered without any unnecessary coverage, keeping a wrapped up 7 as slim as it was meant to be.

2. Customization

When an iPhone 7 skin manufacturer uses vinyl, they can alter the look of its surface easily. They’ll have designers on staff, just like the creators at dbrand, who specialize in making cool and flashy skins that mesh with the 7’s natural style. When you check out dbrand skins for your iPhone, you can even create a skin in real time using their build-a-skin application. You can sub out one color or finish for another and see how it looks on your model. As a result, you’ll always have the most unique looking 7 on the planet.

3. Security

Though thin and flexible, vinyl is made of hardy stuff. The top skins iPhone 7 owners should stick with create a line of defence against typical wear and tear. Its air-tight layer around the phone saves the aluminum from scratches, scuffs, and gouges. It also provides an easy-to-grip, grime- and water-resistant barrier that will save it from drops, spills, and dirt. This kind of protection comes in handy if you have an “iPhone forever” type plan that makes it impossible to trade in your phone for a new one until your contract is up. After all, as a student, who has money to cover a broken phone?

These are 3 great reasons to get a 3M protective case for your new iPhone 7. What is the point of having one of these great pieces of technology if you aren’t going to take care of it properly? The best thing is that these new cases are fully customizable so any student can get the exact look that they want.

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