3 Tips to Survive the Reputation Sharkpool

In the modern social webscape your online reputation is quickly shaped with or without your consent. A reputation can be managed, but it can also fall apart in a few missed clicks. Here are three crucial tidbits to help you manage your online reputation:

1. Your Reputation Isn’t Just You!

It’s important to consider that the embarrassing pictures you are in, the posts you are tagged in, or even your private information may not be data that you posted and therefore can protect but rather data that others have posted.

The most prominent case of this was when embarrassing photos the British foreign intelligence service, MI6, were posted on the daily mail – the source of these pictures was none other than a family members Facebook profile.

Chances are if you are reading this article you are aware of the importance of online security and using proper profile settings in order to protect your sensitive data – but can the same be said for your wife, your kid, your co-workers? This is why it’s important to be proactive in searching your name and monitoring your reputation, while you may think everything is fine and dandy someone else could have posted that picture that you thought would never be seen again.

2. Bite Back

Sometimes your embarrassing content may not be on a social network, but rather on a website, news site, or blog. While it makes sense to first reach out to a web-master and asking them to remove the embarrassing content, it may not always be an option. Sometimes you won’t be able to find accurate contact information, or sometimes they just will refuse to remove the content and there isn’t any legal recourse to make them do so.

In such cases you have to fight fire with fire. Google has indexed that piece of content associated with your name so now it’s time to bury it in other name related content, whether this be from your website, your blog, your twitter or other major new sites. Develop rich content and use SEO methods to outrank the embarrassing content so it’s never seen again!

3. Don’t react; Protect.

One key thing that many people forget is that it can take weeks or even months for new information to be indexed (or old information to be de-indexed) from the Google search engine. Most companies try and clean up their reputation after it’s already been sullied and in this time you could be losing potential customers. Why take the risk? Build up your quality content and listings today to prevent the crisis that could be coming tomorrow!

The cost to you as a company increases almost ten fold when you need to react to already existing content, build up powerful positive content before an emergency breaks out – or better yet outsource the process to a professional company like Synkq.com a reputation management agency  who actively build positive content for you and monitor your reputation allowing you to instantly react to negative feedback

Nicole Walsh is an associate at Synkq.com a new york based reputation management service consultant

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